[unmaintained] init scripts for sinit
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μrc is a minimalistic rc script, based of god, which is based off of minirc.

This project is no longer maintained, as I have installed OpenBSD.


God is dead.

Seriously though, the creator of god doesn't use god anymore, hence development is stalled.

I also need an init script for Stultus, and hopefully I'll be using this (although modified).


Depends on:

* sinit
* Busybox

Nice to have:

* systemd-udevd or eudev

Note that busybox udev and systemd-udevd haven't been tested.

This has only been tested on CRUX 3.2. I can't guarantee this will work for you.

As for CRUX in particular, a port is available in my experimental ports collection.

1. Change sinit's config.h to point all three commands to /sbin/urc.

2. Configure /etc/urc.conf to your needs.

3. Reboot.