a webring manager, I guess
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A webring manager, notably in use for the Armisael Webring.


racket main.rkt /path/to/static/files /path/to/users.txt

It should be running on localhost:5020. You can then set up an nginx proxy_pass for HTTPS, etc.


raco exe main.rkt


First off, you have to be on the webring. Then add this to your page:

<iframe src="https://ring.qtp2t.club/your-username/pre" frameBorder="no" scrolling="no" height="60" width="800"></iframe>

Note that the page indexes at 1, but the ID indexes at zero.

If you want to get the raw HTML without CSS, for use outside of an iframe, you can use the /username/raw endpoint.

On custom styling

HTML has no raw include from external sources without doing weird things with JavaScript or the webserver, which is problematic. If my CSS clashes with your site's aesthetic, you can use the Racket script in contrib/style.rkt to fetch just the div, and run said script on a cronjob to periodically update it (in case of an added member).

If you mess this up (on Armisael) I will be unhappy.

Documentation is provided in the comments of that script.

I have a problem!