A minor mode for Emacs to build and deploy FRC robot code under GradleRIO.
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Builds and deploys FRC Java code managed under GradleRIO. Uses Projectile to locate the Gradle executable.



  • C-c C-f b: Builds the code, but doesn't deploy it to the roboRIO. Alternatively, M-x frc-build.
  • C-c C-f d: Builds the code and deploys it to the roboRIO. Alternatively, M-x frc-deploy.
  • C-c C-f r: Runs an arbitrary Gradle task. Alternatively, M-x frc-execute.


In init.el:

(load-file "path-to-frc-mode.el")
(add-hook 'java-mode-hook (lambda () (frc-mode 1)))


Give up.