my configuration for my NixOS machines, I guess
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My personal dotfiles for NixOS.

To install it:

  • Provision a new system.
  • Set up flakes.
  • Set up agenix.
  • Reverse Curve25519 encryption to get my keys, and put them in /etc/agenix.
  • Set the right hostname.
  • git clone /etc/nixos
  • sudo nixos-rebuild switch


  • I compile Racket from source, in ~/src/racket. The Racket module just sets the right $LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
  • A few proprietary packages need to be installed manually (Citrix Workspace, Mathematica).
  • DOOM Emacs needs to be installed manually.
  • Emacs is currently pinned to a build from October. Circumstances.