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#lang racket
(require "lib/common.rkt"
(define left-delim/p
(char-in/p "([{<"))
(define (right-delim/p ch)
(match ch
[#\( (char/p #\))]
[#\[ (char/p #\])]
[#\{ (char/p #\})]
[#\< (char/p #\>)]))
(define expr/p
(do [x <- left-delim/p]
(many/p expr/p)
(right-delim/p x)))
(define (day10a lines)
(define (score ch)
(match ch
[#\) 3]
[#\] 57]
[#\} 1197]
[#\> 25137]
[_ 0]))
(for*/sum ([line (in-list lines)]
[parsed (in-value (parse-string expr/p line))]
#:when (failure? parsed))
(score (message-unexpected (from-either parsed)))))
(define (day10b lines)
(define incomplete-lines
(for*/list ([line (in-list lines)]
[parsed (in-value (parse-string expr/p line))]
#:when (and (failure? parsed)
(equal? (message-unexpected (from-either parsed))
"end of input")))
(define (to-recover str)
(define (get-recovery fail)
(define msg (from-either fail))
(for/first ([ch (in-list (message-expected msg))]
#:when (not (set-member? (set "'('" "'['" "'{'" "'<'") ch)))
(string-ref ch 1)))
(let loop ([recov ""])
(define res (parse-string expr/p (string-append str recov)))
(cond [(success? res) recov]
[else (loop (string-append recov (string (get-recovery res))))])))
(define (score recovery)
(for/fold ([current-score 0])
([ch (in-string recovery)])
(+ (* current-score 5)
(match ch
[#\) 1]
[#\] 2]
[#\} 3]
[#\> 4]
[_ 0]))))
(define recoveries
(for/vector ([line (in-list incomplete-lines)])
(to-recover line)))
(define (vector-middle vec)
(vector-ref vec (floor (/ (vector-length vec) 2))))
(vector-middle (vector-sort (vector-map score recoveries) <)))
(module+ main
(call-with-input-file "data/day10.txt"
(λ (prt)
(define lines (port->lines prt))
(answer 10 1 (day10a lines))
(answer 10 2 (day10b lines)))))
(module+ test
(require rackunit)
(call-with-input-file "data/day10.test.txt"
(λ (prt)
(define lines (port->lines prt))
(check-equal? (day10a lines) 26397))))